Stilts and bikes 1989 stylee !

Robin and Kevin Maastricht 1989

Macnas Parade Galway - more fun for Ravens !

A stunning parade from Macnas, it was ! Lovely friendly crew amazing giant puppets and giant penny farthings and metal things and 'Barry the badger' and other wonderful exuberant performers.
We really enjoyed ourselves along with everyone in Galway.

and here below.

 We're ravens, we're dead, we're going to dance in the parade....

.....with the animals !

the Berkshire Giant Newbury 23rd June

Mokostumblies will be performing and dancing Rawk n Rawl at this the final event of the Berkshire Giant.
and we did !

The Berkshire Giant website

Archive update

Photographs just appeared from St.Pauls Carnival 2009
Mokostumblie troupe 'Soca Morris Love Krump Sailors lost on the Sea of Love' all in a line

and my favourite thing, love it ! a busy lively Carnival Camp 

Stilts in 2011

We got all bicycle mad last year, Spoke'n'Chain, Cap'n Bikebeard, Les Velobicis, and more....
We only got up once at Shambala Festival to rig up the canopy for the Bicycle Carousel !
This year we are going back to basics !

The Sea of Love and Know Alternative Dancers!

Truly, a Sea of Love! Thank you all!!!

Felix Road Adventure Playground Stilters They Came !!

They came our super friendly best stiltwalkers in Brizzle
their first Carnival on stilts !!!! Excellente !!!!

Soca Morris Love Krump Fancy Sailor Stiltwalkers Yeaaaah!!!!

St.Pauls Carnival 2009

Yo Ho Ho!
And more rum please!

Go see pickies of Cap'n Bikebeards Crew! Klicks here